Saturday, 29 June 2013

Rentals with New Vista Properties

The appeal of Florida real estate may be too much to resist for many looking to invest in real estate somewhere warm. New Vista Properties offers clients the best real estate opportunities with a guaranteed pure Florida living experience. But for many investing in a home is a big commitment you might not be ready for. That is why New Vista Properties has created rental homes for its clients who wish to experience the Florida living experience without the grand commitment.

New Vista Properties’ rental homes provide the same amenities and enjoyments found in the traditional New Vista Properties home. With locations up and down the southwest coast of Florida bordering the Gulf of Mexico, New Vista Properties are great vacation destination. The towns of Port Charlotte and Citrus Springs are homes to many New Vista Properties homes. Home buyers and renters can enjoy many of the fun activities and pleasures of these locations.

Rental homes by New Vista Properties are designed to create the Florida living experience emphasizing relaxation and a carefree lifestyle. Rental homes come equipped with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a two car garage to make its residents truly feel at home. All kitchen appliances, a washer and dryer and tiled kitchen and bathroom floors come built into the rental home. New Vista Properties rents on a yearly basis offering renters a great experience. Each rental includes complimentary lawn services and pest control.

New Vista Properties takes great pride in offering its clients the best living experience in southwest Florida. With years of real estate experience, the founders of New Vista Properties are qualified experts who work hard to ensure quality comfort and a relaxing experience for all buyers and renters. Those who invest with New Vista Properties find that they leave their cares behind and begin to live a stress free life that emphasizes relaxation.

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